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We take the mystery out of business and make it fun again.

We are a consultancy equipping our customers with a roadmap to sustained success.

We take the mystery out of business and make it fun again.

We are a consultancy equipping our customers with a roadmap to sustained success.


We help companies create a roadmap towards sustained success by identifying opportunities for fullest potential, injecting hope, and clarifying best practices.

The end result: thriving people and healthy businesses.

Our Process Works To Create Sustained Success


Our team is a diverse mixure of creative and analytical personalities. This unique combination gives us the ability to approach challanges from different perspectives to find a solution that best fits your needs.


We are more than just creative ideas – we equip you with the strategy to know where you are going. It’s akin to having a detailed roadmap before a long journey. Success comes from identifying where you are and where you’re going.


The best ideas and strategy are only valuable when they are put into action. We provide the accountability to ensure you and your team are executing the prescribed plan to reach your goals. 


Finally, we clearly show how the execution and forward movement results in a return on your investment. The ROI is the critical element that justifies ideas, strategy, and the hard work of executing the plan. Because what gets measured, gets improved.

Who We’ve Worked With

We get real results using these pillars of sustained success

Financial Health

A financial strategy is an unbiased, unemotional roadmap for the long-term success of a company. An organization with a strong financial plan can adapt faster, grow smarter, and out-perform the competition.

Our process involves an in-depth analysis to identify the overall health of all of your business channels; year-over-year analysis and projections so you can proactively plan for what’s to come; clarity within your organization to recognize gaps and needs with a tangible solution.

Team Culture

Culture is the heartbeat of your organization. It can happen by default or by design – as the leader, you get to direct this.

It must be a shared vision among everyone within your business.

Culture informs branding, employee hiring, standards, products, and so much more.

Our process involves diving into the guiding principles, mission statement, vision, and values. Not only that, but how to apply this to your existing organization, team, and partners.

Connection Strategy

A clear connection strategy comes from knowing what you want to say, how you want to say it, and what action you want to realize.

From the content used on your social media profiles to the messaging directed to your team, it is critically important to be on-point and on-brand. We know that if you confuse, you lose. 

Let your “brand voice” speak clearly so people know you before ever meeting you.

Our process involves a roadmap to connect with the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

what our clients are saying

Amazing group of guys with a heart for Business and Leadership that is evident in everything they speak. Thank you for this resource!

Very excited to get to work with the team at Kickstart Kings. Their collective talent, expertise and passion is infectious and we at Arista are already looking forward to implementing some of the practices and disciplines we took away from the workshop we attended.

Hands down the best group of people out there! So knowledgeable, so talented. If you want to grow your business further faster then you came to the right company.

Real guys with real lives managing incredible businesses! You’ll recognize some names and voices too! I listen [to the podcast] every week!

You don’t know how good it is to just have a second opinion and [your] assistance and encouragement today. Thanks for letting me hang out in the office and for helping me keep focused until the job was done.

“It’s lonely at the top.” Also feels lonely at the bottom. Feels like that all the way around, it’s a lose-lose!

Thankful for dudes like you to do life with.

Our Passion

We believe in people. To us, relationships are more important than transactions. We view our clients more like friends – vying for their success, reaching their goals, and improving their business.

Its not uncommon for us to be discussing our clients on the weekend, over a drink, or during our lunch hour. Why?

Because we’re passionate about helping our friends run healthy organizations.

Our Approach

When we work with clients, our first step is to assess the current state of the organization. This often results in discovering underlying issues that will either stifle future growth or cause complete collapse. After the evaluation, we work with you to design processes, workflows, and systems to close gaps, solve needs, and pave a path for your sustained success.

We’ve been called a “C-Suite for Hire” – and that’s pretty flattering.

Our passion and approach work together to provide the cadence, communication, and accountability of sustained success

Ready to Go Further, Faster?

We love helping organizations experience sustained success

If you are ready to invest in yourself, we will create a custom-tailored proposal that will help you:


Cultivate healthier culture within your organization


Analyze financial position and improve your ROI


Craft a process for your marketing success


Use creative content to attract and convert new customers